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Porchia Marie is Bridging the Gap Between Everything Dope in Atlanta

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Photo by J.Raff | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

Meet Porchia Marie, the founder & CEO of The P.M. Firm. Porchia’s emergence into the music scene began with a move to Atlanta from Arkansas and a transition from sports journalism to learning the ropes of the music industry.

"I moved to Atlanta with $500 in my pocket, no job, and nowhere to stay...just my car and my clothes."

After obtaining a bachelor's in mass communications and broadcast journalism from the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, Porchia received an invite to visit Atlanta.

Photo by J. Raff | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

With $500, her car, and a friend offering a couch and closet space, Porchia relocated to Atlanta three weeks after returning from her initial trip.

Despite not having a steady job or living situation, she began to build her reputation in media by interviewing various celebrities at red carpet events under the umbrella of her company, The P.M. Effect.

"It’s a lot of dope underground talent and I just needed to open my eyes, and ears more to the streets."

As Porchia continued establishing her brand, she began interning at Radio One, where she met and worked alongside her mentor, Jason Reddick. It was a conversation between them that altered the trajectory of her career.

Though she moved to Atlanta with the intent to build a career in sports journalism and entertainment, Reddick emphasized that the music industry was calling her name, and one year after that conversation, Porchia found herself exploring the world of music.

Photo by J. Raff | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

During the summer of 2016, Porchia began working with Atlanta-based rapper Dae Dae. While working with Dae Dae’s team, she had the opportunity to network with many Atlanta creatives and met DJ Holiday.

Porchia seized the moment then and there and was given the opportunity to help launch Holiday’s nonprofit, Everyday is a Holiday Foundation.

Porchia decided to enter the talent management sector and created The PM Firm (The Porchia Marie Publication and Management Firm) with the objective mindset of "help each client attain success and longevity by molding tenacious and spirited professionals.”

Aside from running her own company, Porchia also works alongside PatchWerk Studios to curate “Cookies and Lemonade”, a weekly online review program that critiques artists’ work via a live stream on Instagram.

Photo by J. Raff | Creative Directed by Adonis Thrax

In a domino effect came the launch of Dope New Artists (DNA), a platform for up-and-coming artists to develop their craft, highlight their music and bring a larger audience to the underground music scene.

As of late, Porchia launched “Dope People Meet”, a series of mixers and networking events for Atlanta creatives. The first event was held this past June at the Atlanta ASCAP office.

Tenacity, hard work, and confidence are how Porchia has carved out a place for herself and her businesses in the Atlanta music scene.

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